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Tax Resolution

Resolve Your Tax Problems Today!


Here at John A. Pollard CPA, LLC, our team is dedicated to resolving your tax debt. Through our tax resolution services, our goal is to help you minimize your tax debt as much as possible, relieve your tax issues, and help you achieve financial stability. Tax issues can be overwhelming, so don't go at it alone. Get OIC tax services, tax debt advice, and tax settlement help from a team who has your best interest in mind.

Our team has plenty of experience with IRS tax problems, tax settlements, IRS collections, OIC tax services, and much more! We have the tax relief solutions and debt advice that you need to finally put your tax debt behind you. In fact, through our tax relief solutions and debt advice, we have saved our clients thousands.

Don't take on your own IRS tax problems alone because you think the fees associated with hiring professionals to handle your tax resolution would make things worse. Actually, the opposite is true! In one particular case, we had a client who owed $93,000. Through our tax relief solutions, we were able to reduce their tax debt to $1,790, saving them over $91,000. With our professional tax relief solutions, you save more than you have to pay!